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Genealogy Requests

Genealogy Correspondence Policy

Due to time and staffing constraints, Reference Department personnel cannot perform extensive research or photocopying projects. Library staff can respond only to specific requests for information. Staff cannot compile family lineages, determine parentage, locate missing persons, or undertake extensive photocopying projects from books or microfilm.

Research Fees

Microfilm copy: $0.25 per page
Photocopy: $0.15 per page
Fax Pages Sent: $1.00 for first page + $0.50 for each additional page
Flash Drive: $5.00

For a $5.00 donation, written or electronic requests for customers living outside the library’s service area will receive a limited amount of staff research time, and up to 4 microfilm or 6 photocopies. The requests will be processed in a first come first serve basis. Any resulting copies made exceeding these numbers will be billed at the individual copy price of $0.25 per page for microfilm and $0.15 per page for photocopies.

Please Note: Reference Department staff cannot assure the quality of facsimile pages sent due to variations in the conditions of microfilm content and individual fax machine settings.

Types of Research Requests

Obituary/Death Notice Searches
The Reference Department staff will search the newspaper microfilm for a death notice or obituary. A complete date of death (MM/DD/YYYY) is required for this search. Staff will search a single newspaper over a span of five days if the exact date is not know. The limit is four names per request. To help find an exact date, please use our newspaper indexing database. Click here.

City Directory Searches

The Reference Department staff will search the Huntington City Directory for one individual name for a period of no more than five years. If an individual name is not found, staff will provide copies of the pages containing that particular surname.

Newspaper Article Search

The Herald-Dispatch newspaper is not indexed. Therefore the Reference Department staff can only search for news articles when the exact date-of-publication is provided. Please provide as much detailed information as possible to assist us in the search (i.e. names, dates, places, related-events, photo description, etc.) In addition, the Reference Department recommends checking out our genealogy databases, specifically the Newsbank Database in finding a specific article.

WARNING: Photographs can appear darker on microfilm. You may want to contact The Herald-Dispatch photo archive for assistance in locating original photographic content.

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Patrons unable to visit the James E. Casto Local History Room Collection in person may send the attached form by mail, email, or telephone.

Newspaper Indexing Project (Obituaries)